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PayPal fixed

We think we have the PayPal issue fixed on our class registration pages. You should be able to complete the PayPal transaction now when you register for a course. If you run into problems, do not hit the “back” button. That just causes a double registration issue. Just send us an email to and

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Web site moved

So, we had some time ahead of schedule and got the web site moved. We’ve done a quick test and everything looks to be okay, but will do more testing over the next day or so. We’re still seeing PayPal problems, and will work to get that resolved ASAP. In the mean time, if you’re

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Moving Website

FYI we’re going to be moving our web site to a new host in the next 24-28 hours. We’ve had enough of this poor performance. Hopefully the devil we don’t know will be better than the one we know. So if you see us off the air, just check back a little while later. We’ve

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Troubles with Class Registration

We’re having trouble with the class registration system. We upgraded the WordPress Plug-In this weekend and didn’t like the way the developer changed the way ‘events’ were listed. We turned off the upgrade and went back to the old version and things are messed up now. Hence the old adage “if it isn’t broke…” So,

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